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Pic-N-Mix Pyramid

The pic n mix pyramid is an eye catching centrepiece for any event such as weddings, birthday parties or corporate events. This is a great alternative to a candy Ferris wheel and will guarantee guests are drawn towards it whatever their age.

The pic n mix pyramid has been very popular with opening events and promotional events in recent months. Like with our candy Buffett's we can attend your event and create a fantastic display using the sweets of your choice, whether colour coordinated or with your favourite sweets.

  • The pyramid has 10 levels allowing for 10 different types of sweets.
  • The pyramid can hold four shot glasses on the very top and thirty six shot glasses on the very bottom.
  • Our display holds 168 shots but can hold up to a maximum of 200.
  • The idea of a shot of sweets provides guests with a fun talking point.
  • The pyramid can be hired without sweets also.

We can also provide candy bags (an additional charge) whether personalised or striped so guests can take some sweets away with them.

"Sometimes having sweets with your best friend, is all of the therapy you need." - Amy Gill

The cost of the pic n mix pyramid with sweets is £95 and without sweets £45.

We require a £25 deposit to secure booking and full payment is required 14 days prior to event.

Delivery to your event is charged at 60p per mile.

We are located in Timperley Altrincham Cheshire.

Please contact us to check availability sweetintentionscandy@hotmail.com or complete the enquiry form.

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